C&R Radiators Portable Engine Heater

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If you only want to heat your water system then C&R’s NEW Portable Engine Heater is your answer.   This totally portable unit utilizes a self-contained diesel fired heater to handle all of your pre-heating requirements.  Its 12-volt design makes it entirely independent to an external power source, providing up to 4 hours of continuous operation on a full charge.

Once the unit is connected, it will gradually heat water in the race car to a temperature of approximately 200°F.  The unit will then maintain this temperature until the unit is switched off and disconnected.  This can be done manually with the on/off switch, or the 7-day timer can be programmed to start the unit at a desired time, providing you with a race car that is already up to temperature when you arrive at the track.

  • Independent of generator power, can be used anywhere at anytime!
  • One of the fastest engine heaters on the market
  • Small size allows for easy storage
  • Helps to move air from your cooling system
  • “Smart” charger to optimize battery life
  • Does not come with fill hoses.

Fabricated check valve recommended for quick connection, fill-ups & directional flow.

  • Electrical – self contained 12v battery/110v plug to charge battery and/or operate unit (2.5 hrs. for complete charge)
  • Fuel - operates on diesel or kerosene  fuel only 
  • Fuel consumption: 0.16 gal/hr (high) / 0.8 gal/hr (low)
  • Tank capacity: 0.3 gal
  • Coolant – Recommended mix of water and NEO “Keep Cool” conditioner (minimizesheater corrosion). 
  • Tank capacity: 1.0 gal