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Welcome to IndyRaceParts.com, if you need parts, pieces, or 

                    technical help give us a call at, 

317.244.9437 or email us at indyraceparts@msn.com!

Check us out on Twitter @indyraceparts.

We have.....GIFT CARDS!

Triple X midget roller, DMI 31 spline rear, Gen2 steering & pump, 

Weld 3 spoke front hubs, Fuel Safe 19 gal tank, ARS adjustable shocks. 

Car is a wrap so you can pull of decals 

$12,000 obo for roller OR 1695.00 frame/body

Brand NEW 2015 Triple X Sprint Car 87/40 X Wedge Sprint Car 

$2,599 ready for delivery or pick up.

2015 Maxims in stock and available any customization way you want.

New .095 brass bushings, $4ea while supplies last.

6 of the 8 Afco Benic Intimidator Series shocks are brand new

4 Shocks are 6" and the other 4 are 8"

6" Shock Valvings: 6-4, 5-6.5, 6-5, 5-6

8" Shock Valvings: 5-4, 4-8, 3-7.5, 5.5-4

$895 for all 8 shocks

Misc. dished sprint nose pieces that fit most sprint car chassis, $50ea. 

We have white and black to choose from.

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